Sunday, 26 February 2012

Recycle and Rework

As part of my portfolio I created a section called recycle and rework. I got some of my old clothes and just funked them up a bit. Here are a couple of photos of my beautiful girlie Amber in the shorts and shirt I 'reworked' and the actual article I wrote for the piece.

"With the Tories raising fees, stripping back any help and the price of cotton soaring, the cost of looking your best is at the highest it has been in over eighteen years. Students especially, are being hit tremendously by all three of these factors and with fashion trends showing no sign of slowing down, they are finding new and interesting ways to save money whilst keeping their style in check. Step forward ‘Recycle & Rework’. Do you have old shorts and jackets that you feel lack that sparkle they once had? No problem, with a quick trim here and a snip there, you are able to give your old clothes a new lease of life. Even timeless classics such as Levi Denim can sometimes need a little help in order to make them the perfect garment. So whether your piece of clothing is fifty years old, or just 6 months old (the boredom setting in already), there are ways of achieving a gorgeous new outfit for the price of a pic-a-mix rather than a three course meal at a Michelin star hotel."


(Please excuse the cheesy writing!)

Levi 501 Shorts - Vintage, high-waisted Levi shorts are a statement piece on their own; however there are always ways of making them stand out from all the others. By adding gold studs these shorts have made the transition from day to night. Shortening the leg and making ‘peek-a-boo’ pockets ties in perfectly with the studs, taking them from daytime shorts to ‘when the sun goes down’ show stoppers. 

Checked Shirt - The checked shirt is always a popular item, through both winter and summer, but how do you take your much beloved winter shirt through to summer without frying to a crisp? Easy. By taking the arms off and lowering the armpit seam, the shirt becomes perfect for the summer sun. As well as taking off the sleeves, undoing the bottom buttons and making a knot at the front turns a long shirt into a cute crop. Team this with some high-waisted denim shorts and you are all set for the perfect, effortless festival look.

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