Friday, 24 February 2012

The many faces of BEANIE HATS

I am definitely one of those girls who has temperamental hair. It's thick, curly and always manages to  go the exact opposite way to how I want it. For this reason, I love hats (in particular Beanies). They are the quickest, easiest, most fashionable way to get around any bad hair day, and they keep your head insanely warm! You don't have to go out and worry about your hair looking like complete shit at the end of the night (usually my 2 hours of styling disappears within 30 minutes) and it's a great conversation starter. I promise, a ridiculous amount of people will approach you and say, 'OH I like your hat' and if that person isn't a complete weird un, then you say 'THANKS' and you are instantly BFF's.
See, the hat - a fashion accessory, a style saver, a head warmer and a friend maker.

I love a bit of berry coloured beanie.
This is my trusty Black bobble beanie. It goes hand in hand with my White DM's. 

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  1. absolutely love this outfit hannah! it's true, hats get so many compliments.
    i'd loooove to go to paris but unfortunately i'm totally skint off trains to interviews and stuff :( i hope you have an amazing time though and i'm excited to read about it!


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