Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tie Dye

With summer fast approaching the need to branch out into the world of colour from my little dark clothes hole is becoming a much bigger fashion worry. Luckily, like many others, I have found the joys of Tie Dye. Last year when it started getting very popular to DIY tie dye your clothes, I wasn't too convinced. It looked great on my beautiful friends but I just wasn't comfortable in a psychedelic mish mash of colour. However, recently I have started to dip my toe in the Tie Dye pool (Was that a pun? If it was pardon it). You can see my first buy in my recent post, an awesome t-shirt by my friend Jenny. To get me in the summer mood I decided to have a hunt round and see what variety's of tie dye there was out there. I found full blown hippy brights to softer grungy tones, so it turns out their is a huge 'tie dye' scale and a style to suit everyone! Here are a few pics of slightly toned down versions of the style which I think offer a bit more of leeway for us who shy away from brights!



  1. Loving the second picture, the denim vest looks amazing in the print !

    1. It does look brilliant! Fully appreciating tie-dye now!
      Will be lots more posts like this too come :) x


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