Thursday, 26 April 2012

America Summed Up!

So, these are just a tiny amount of pictures I took whilst going around all the attractions in Orlando (I'm still here!). These are just a couple of my favourites and my outfit's I wore over the week whilst visiting. In the last picture of me, my shorts are actually about 10 shades darker as I had just been on a log flume and got SOAKED from head to toe. These pics are taken over Universal Studios + Islands of Adventure, which were my favourite parks. Also went to Busch Gardens, Sea World and today I WENT SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS! It was the best day I've ever had, the dolphins were so gorgeous and it was actually a surprise from my wonderful boyfriend. We also went snorkelling so I got to see lots of fishes (yes fishes not fish) and sharks and stingrays. I loved every second and would recommend it to anyone. We had an  underwater camera, so as soon as those photos develop you will get to see me in my awesome snorkels and wetsuit ;) Another big plus of the holiday is the rollercoasters. I am a speed freak, the higher, the faster, the steeper the drop - the better. Of course we qued extra to go at the front so we could scare ourselves a little bit more. Some of the rides were RIDICULOUS. Sheikra, Rock It, Cheetah Hunt and Manta are a few that come to mind - they were just amazing and very very fast and big, and shit yourself scary (but in a good way). God I need to stop talking now, but this holiday is so good. Anyway, I hope you like my outfits and my snaps. Way more too come - oh and I'm going to Aquatica tomorrow so I will probably be blabbering about that as well.



Pic 1+2 - Hat, Top, Bag - Urban Outfitters
Shorts + Shoes - eBay

Pic 3+4 - Islands of Adventure Comic Strip Section

Pics 5+6 - Tee - Jennifer Hope Clothing (Amazing clothes)

Pic 7 - Krustyland at Universal Studios - LOVED IT

Pic 8 - Outside the Kwik-e-mart at Universal
Top - Motel
Rucksack - Tk Maxx
Shorts - eBay

Pic 9 - DRUGS. haha. sorry.

Pic 10 - Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios

Pic 11+12 - Basketball shirt bitchessss - Obviously Lakers
Bought from NBA Shop - Kids size
Trainers - Adidas Store

Pic 13 - The Mustang. It's very fun

Pic 14+15 - Harry Potter section at Islands of Adventure.
The scale of it was incredible - literally like the size of Hogwarts (if it was real). It had a town and everything. The ride was unreal as well!


  1. Awesome style! Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I am your newest follower!:)

  2. You are gorgeousss! I love all of your outfits!! xxx

  3. So cool!! wish i was in Orlando.

  4. WOW! Such a great post, Orlando really is great! I love all of your outfits!

  5. aww so jealous! would love to go to America, sounds like you're having an amazing time. I love the motel crop top and the tie dye tops! you look amaze xxx

    1. Thank youuu. I HAD an amazing time - sucks to be back in rainy england now though!xx

  6. wow i want to go back there so bad! you look like your having so much fun, and all your outfits are gorgeous! x

  7. I love all your shirts and tops! Super rad!!

  8. Awesome outfits! Especially Like your LA Lakers tee!

  9. This all sounds amazing + swimming with dolphins?!?!!?!?! NICE.
    Love your Lakers shirt. I like your style, and go hats!

    - Sóley
    xx we are purple

    1. I know! It was the best surprise I have ever had! Thank you, my lakers shirt was my star buy!x

  10. this whole post is amazing i'm so jealous wanna go to the USA....LOVE all the outfits! xx


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