Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fake Tan Vs Natural

Naturally I have blonde hair, blue eyes and I am extremely pale, so I apply fake tan about 3 times a week to make me look more golden than ill. However recently I have started to think about maybe embracing my natural paleness and concentrate on making my skin glow naturally with vitamins, moisturisers ect, instead of just covering it all up with a layer of tan. Theres also the matter of teeth. Teeth always look a lot whiter when tanned, so I am very worried of them looking darker if I do go back to the pastey look! So, in this predicament I have made a list of the pros and cons of tanning.

- Look healthier
- Closer to achieving that 'natural' tanned beach babe look (although its fake)
- Makes teeth seem whiter
- Makes skin seem healthier
- More acceptable to get legs out when they aren't bright white/greyey/bluey

- Run the risk of looking too orange (nobody wants to look like that)
- Chances are it could go patchy and make you look dirty instead of glowing
- It comes off - streaks!
- It comes off - orange bedsheets and clothes!
- It's not natural and from what opinion polls say, people prefer natural
- Able to look after your actual skin more
- Saves a LOT of time - no tanning or bronzing and then worrying about it going bad.

Pale/Natural Skinned Beauties
Natalie Portman Picture 8rooney mara 2012 oscars

I would put pictures up of tanned beauties, but it's hard to work out who is naturally that tanned and who is faking it! I don't want to be biased and put up picture of people from TOWIE or Geordie Shore, cause fake tan isn't always that bad.

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