Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Acid Wash Love Affair

I love Acid Wash denim - particularly in summer. I'm definitely one of those girls who feels much much more comfortable in jeans than in a girly summer dress, but I don't want to look like some sort of sun hater in dark denim. This is why acid wash is my summer saviour! I have jeans, shorts and a jacket and I love that I am able to wear them out in the sun without looking like a complete idiot who didn't check the forecast! The lightness of the denim gives it that spring/summer feel, while the acid wash keeps it more edgy that 'mum's old jeans'. Acid wash will always have a special place in my fashion heart and I will be wearing A LOT over these next coming months. Expect to see lots of pictures.


  1. loveee acid wash, I have a great pair of acid jeans I wear all the time x

    1. me too! I practically live in my acid wash jeans. You have a great blog :) If you like mine would really love it if you would follow.
      H x


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